about me

A lot of people have given me negative hype about my name ‘lonedog’ but it started as Lone Dog, Inc. which then grew into Lone Dog Productions, but there’s an even bigger story underneath it all.

I’m a late 20-somethinger, who has been a non-denominational Christian since October of 2000. I came back to Christ after a few years on my own and learned that only He can make things happen, and no matter where I thought He wasn’t, He was there.

I’m a writer (I’m currently working on one novel and a screenplay), a gamer (huge fan of Halo and Call of Duty 4), a reader (I just recently completed King’s Dark Tower series), a husband (married in 2003), a dad (my daughter was born in 2005), a friend, a graphic artist, and an all around disciple of Christ.


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